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Welcome to the Astronomy 1101/1103, a course designed for non-science majors. This website will contain the lecture notes for the class (one week prior to each scheduled exam), exercises, and simulations to demonstrate and test knowledge of concepts, textbook readings, and other relevant information.

Lectures take place in Uris Auditorium, MWF 11:15-12:05. During class all cell phones must be turned off. Laptops are allowed only to take class notes.


Index to Lectures - list of lectures, homework dates, weekly readings

Exam requirements and grading -- what determines your grade.

Class Info - names, locations and office hours, section and lab schedules.

CLASS NEWS - look here for the latest class news.

Interesting Astronomy Web Sites -- at Cornell and around the world.

Web Simulations - Astronomy simulations.

Should you take A1103 instead of A1101, and if so how do you change?

In addition to covering more material, I give extra examples, demonstrations, and exam hints in class. So if you don't go to class, you may miss out on these.

NOTE: Remember these notes are schematic in nature and should not be used as a substitute for going to class or follow-up reading in the textbook to better understand the material.

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