Astronomy 1104: Labs

Only students registered for Astr. 1104 take the labs. Each 1104 student must complete five labs.

Astronomy 1104 Labs
402 W 2 pm Clark 132Mike Jones30 Jan20 Feb6 Mar27 Mar3 Apr10 Apr24 Apr
403 M 7:30 pmClark 132Michael Lam28 Jan18 Feb4 Mar25 Mar1 Apr8 Apr22 Apr
404 T 7:30 pmClark 132Yu-Cian Hong29 Jan19 Feb5 Mar26 Mar2 Apr9 Apr23 Apr

A tentative list of the labs that Astro 1104 students will work on is below. Each students should prepare for lab by reading the appropriate assignment beforehand. Labs are to be completed before the lab period ends. Your TA (and an update of this webpage) will provide more complete information.

I: Planetary Orbits
II: Radioactive Dating
III: Cratering
IV: The Spring Sky/Celestial Sphere
V: The Rotation of Saturn and Its Rings

*There are three weeks given for an outdoor observing lab at Fuertes Observatory. This is weather-dependent. You must check with your TA as the lab time approaches. Wednesday afternoon labs will need to discuss this with their TA. On the third week, if the weather does not allow for outdoor observing, the lab will be indoors.

Last modified 20 January, 2013.