Astronomy 1102/1104: Lectures

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1M21 JanIntroduction and Outline
2W23 JanThe Sky and Historical Astronomy
3F25 JanOrbits and Gravity
4M28 JanTime and Seasons
5W30 JanEarth, Moon, and Tides
6F1 FebRadiation and Spectra I
7M4 FebRadiation and Spectra II
8W6 FebTelescopes and Instruments
9F8 FebDating Extra-terrestrial Materials
10M11 FebSurvey of the Solar System I
11W13 FebPrelim 1
12F15 FebSurvey of the Solar System II
13M18 FebSolar System Origins I
14W20 FebSolar System Origins II
15F22 FebDetecting Exoplanets
16M25 FebNature and Origin of Exoplanets
17W27 FebEarth: Geology and Interior
18F1 MarEarth: Atmosphere and Climate
19M4 MarImpacts
20W6 MarMoon: Surface
21F8 MarMoon: Interior and Origin
22M11 MarAsteroids, Collision Threat
23W13 MarPrelim 2
24F15 MarMeteorites
M18 MarStart Spring Break
F22 MarEnd Spring Break
25M25 MarMercury
26W27 MarADW Lecturer: "Ventures in Astronomy"
27F29 MarVenus: Surface
28M1 AprMars: Overview
29W3 AprMars: Surface
30F5 AprMars: Atmosphere and Climate
31M8 AprVenus Atmosphere, Terrestrial Climates
32W10 AprGiant Planets
33F12 AprThe Moons of Jupiter; Volcanic Io
34M15 AprMoons of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
35W17 AprPrelim 3
36F19 AprTitan
37M22 AprPlanetary Rings
38W24 AprComets
39F26 AprBeyond Neptune: Pluto, KBOs/TNOs
40M29 AprThe Sun
41W1 MayExobiology
42F3 MaySETI, Life Out There

We try to post lectures within 24 hours prior to their presentation.

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