Astronomy 1102/1104: Policies



General procedures

Late policy:

Section grades:

Dropped grades:

Academic integrity

All students are expected to review and abide by the Cornell Code of Academic Integrity. Follow this link, review it, and remember what is expected of you.

Students are encouraged to work and study together, but the work they submit must be their own. It is perfectly reasonable to discuss questions on the exercises, but students must answer them independently. Copying is not only a violation of the code, but it's also easier to spot than students might think, and in the end, it short-circuits the entire point of the exercise, which is to get students thinking about difficult concepts so that they can understand them and apply them, especially on exams.

The first academic misconduct violation will result in a "zero" grade for that assignment or exam. The second academic misconduct violation will result in a failing grade for the course.

Cornell Deadlines

Students should be aware of the following Cornell deadlines:
DateDeadline for
8 Febadding a course
8 Marchanging grade option (S/U or letter)
8 Mardropping a course
And the following course-imposed deadlines:
15 Marwithdrawing with a "W"
15 Febfinalize the pass/fail option

Drop/add help

Students should be able to complete most drops or adds online.

To add into a full section, you will first need to contact the TA for that section, and then you will need to contact:

Melanie Wetzel
Office: 616A Space Sciences Building
Email: mks38 "at" astro.cornell.edu
Phone: 255-6920

Last modified 20 January, 2012.