Astro 1195: Observational Astronomy



Monday 2:30-3:30
Tuesday 11:00-12:00
Thursday 11:00-12:00


Tuesday 2:45-3:45
Friday 2:00-3:00

Meeting Times

Time Location
Lectures Tue/Thu 1:25PM - 2:15PM Space Sciences 105
Lab Wed 7:30PM - 10:00 PM Fuertes Observatory or Clark 132

Whether we will be having an observing lab or an in-class lab will be announced by 6:30 PM every Wednesday. Check this website for the latest announcements.

Course Documents

Class Syllabus: PDF


Homework #1 Key PDF

Homework #3 Key PDF

Homework #5 Key PDF

Homework #7 Key PDF

Homework #8 Key PDF

Helpful links

Might help with a qualitative picture of Stellar Evolution

Highly recommended. Helpful Animations for Concepts covered in class. You can tweak different things and see how the result changes

Exploring the night sky with Telescopes, practical considerations for observing and more.

A free planetarium software that beautifully recreates the position of celestial bodies for any given place and time

We use this to plan and decide the feasibility of outdoor labs, you should keep a watch too!

More will follow as the semester progresses...