The COMPTON Gamma Ray Observatory: GRO

On April 5, 1991, the space shuttle Atlantis carried into orbit the largest scientific payload every delivered via shuttle, the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory known as CGRO. It was deliberately and safely deorbited at the end of its lifetime on 4 June 2000.

Click here for the NASA link to the CGRO

The Compton mission was highly successful in exploring the high energy universe. The targets of study of the CGRO were highly energetic phenomena such as black holes, supernovae and quasars.

The CGRO consisted of a suite of 4 instruments designed to provide complementary information about cosmic sources observed across a range of energies, from 30,000 to 30 billion electron volts (30 keV to 30 GeV). The four instruments are:

Click here for the link to the All Sky Low Energy Gamma Ray Observatory ALLEGRO

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