The Large Magellanic Cloud is an irregular galaxy. Some astronomers have found some evidence of sprial structure in this galaxy, so it is sometimes refered to as a spiral galaxy of type SBm. This classification is a spiral galaxy with a bar of type magellanic. In epoch J2000 coordinates, it is located at an RA of 05h23m34s and a Dec of -69d45.4m. Its radial velocity is 278 kilometers per second and its redshift is .00093. Its magnitude is 0.9. The Large Magellanic Cloud is a member of our local group of galaxies. It is only 180,000 light years away, the second closest galaxy to us in the Milky Way. This galaxy can be seen with the naked eye in the Southern Hemisphere.

This image was taken at the Anglo-Australian Observatory. The original image can be found at http://www.aao.gov.au/images/general/galaxy_frames.html

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