Links to interesting sites elsewhere

  • If you need to find something astronomical on the web, go here.

    Find the current phase of the moon, or its phase at any other date.

    Find the current sky events from SKY Online .

    Access the Palomar Digital Sky Survey via SkyView at Goddard Space Flight Center or the DSS archive at the Space Telescope Science Institute

    Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • Each day a new picture is put up and explained

    The High Energy Learning Center
  • All sorts of good information about high energy astrophysics. The set of pages removes all your previous intimidation about the subject.

    Virtual Trips to A Black Hole Project Galileo
  • All about the recent mission to Jupiter including great photos

    GONG: Global Oscillation Network Group
  • On-going observations of oscillations within the Sun

    MACHO Project: Searching for Massive Compact Halo Objects

    The Nine Planets
  • A comprehensive view of the solar system

    SEDS Messier Database
  • Pictures of the Messier objects

    The Best HST Images

    Life on other planets?

    The Radio Telescope Gallery

    LIGO: The gravity wave detector

    Albert Einstein Online