Important dates in the history of pulsars
1932 Neutron discovered
1933 Baade and Zwicky hypothesize existence of stars composed of neutrons
1939 Oppenheimer and Volkoff publish theory of neutron stars, with sizes of 10 km and surface temperatures of 10 million degrees
1967 Pulsars discovered by Bell-Burnell and Hewish. Gamma-ray bursts also discovered by military satellites (information classified).
1968 Pulsar discovery announced. Crab Nebula pulsar discovered.
1969 Spin-down of pulsars measured.
1974 Nobel prize awarded to Hewish for "pioneering research in radio astrophysics", including his "decisive role in the discovery of pulsars".
1975 Binary pulsar PSR 1913+16 discovered by Hulse and Taylor.
1976 Taylor et al publish further observations of PSR 1913+16 that show accord with predictions of general relativity.
1982 Millisecond pulsar PSR 1937+21 discovered by Backer and his colleagues.
1992 Wolszczan and Frail discovery planets around PSR 1257+12
1992 Nobel prize awarded to Hulse and Taylor.

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