ASTRONOMY 3303       Fall 2017       MW 2:55-4:10       SSB 301
Galaxies across Cosmic Time

Tentative schedule    (subject to change)
Who Date Assignment/Link Reading Topic
M W Aug 23
Ch. 1.1-1.2 Introduction; evolution of the universe, Hubble's Law, evolution of galaxies
M M Aug 28  
Ch. 1.2
App. A.
Intro to radiation, magnitudes, basics of stellar structure
M W Aug 30 HW #1 due
Ch. 1.3; 3.5
App. B.
Overview of stellar evolution; color-magnitude diagrams; telescopes
M W Sep 06
2.1-2.4 Overview of the Milky Way; galactic rotation; metallicities; stellar populations
D M Sep 11 PE#5 Ch. 2.3 Overview of the interstellar medium
D W Sep 13 HW #2 due
Ch. 3-3.3 Elliptical galaxies overview
M M Sep 18  
Ch. 3.3 Spiral galaxies overview
M W Sep 20 HW #3 due
Ch. 3.4-3.7 Scaling relations; normal galaxy populations; luminosity functions
D M Sep 25 PE#9 Ch. 9.6 Connections between star formation and the interstellar medium
D W Sep 27 30 min test
Ch. 9.1 Galaxy spectral diagnostics; SED fitting and photometric redshifts
D M Oct 02 PE#11 Ch. 3.4 Spectral evidence for activity in galaxies; BPT diagrams
D W Oct 04 HW #4 due
Ch. 3.5-3.7 AGN models; radio galaxies; feedback
  M Oct 9 NO CLASS   Fall break
D W Oct 11 PE#13 Ch. 3.8; 5 Case Study: The Galactic Center Region; Sgr A*; Arches Cluster
D M Oct 16   Ch. 3.5; 10.4-10.5 Current cosmological model; Cosmic Microwave Background; CMB fluctuations and power spectra
D W Oct 18
CMB animation
HW #5 due Ch. 6; 7.6-7.7 Cosmic Expansion and Acceleration: Additional Implications, ΛCDM
M M Oct 23
Ch. 10.5 Large scale structure, groups and clusters; intracluster medium; numerical simulations of interactions
M W Oct 25 HW #6 due Ch. 3.9 Ram pressure stripping in clusters; tides, mergers and interactions
M M Oct 30  
Ch. 4 Finish gravitational interactions; wide area surveys and some surprises from them
M W Nov 01 HW #7 due Ch. 3.4; 3.11; 4.4.6; 6:6; 7.5-7.9 Evidence for Dark Matter
D M Nov 06 PE#20 Ch. 9.1-9.2 "Typical" high redshift galaxies
D W Nov 08 30 min test Ch. 3.3.4, 6.5-6.6 Galaxy formation and evolution: galaxy main sequence, star formation laws, cosmic star formation history
D M Nov 13   Ch. 9.3-9.4, 9.7 Cosmic Dawn: the Dark Ages, First Light and Cosmic Reionization
D/M W Nov 15 PRESENTATION DATES Ch. 9.5-9.6, 10.1-10.2 Project presentations
D/M M Nov 20 PRESENTATION DATES Ch. 10.3-10.7 Project presentations
  W Nov 22 NO CLASS   Thanksgiving holiday
M M Nov 27     Big questions about small galaxies
M W Nov 29 HW #8 due   Astrophysics and cosmology with the CCAT-prime project

The final paper, based on the final project, will be due by Wed Dec 6 at 4:30 pm. There will be no final exam.