Astronomy 3310 : Planetary Imaging and Remote Sensing

Prof. Alex Hayes and Prof. James Lloyd

Course Schedule for Fall 2015

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Be sure to download the tutorial scripts and images for Marques and look through the CIS1132 tutorial material linked from the main course webpage
** NOTE: Remember to bring you laptop to class on lab days (All Thursdays, Tuesday Aug. 25th, and Tuesday Nov. 24th ) **
** NOTE: LAB Due Dates Listed in Schedule Below **

Meeting  Dates 
Lecture Topic for the Week
Lab Topic for the Week
Data/Lab Activity
Reading (a)
T Aug.  25
R Aug.  27
Introduction and Organization
Software Licensing/Installation
Distribute USB Sticks
Software / Logistics
Matlab Intro. / Tutorials
Setup Accounts
Install Software
MATLAB Basics: Marques Tutorial 3.3
Image Algebra: Marques Tutorial 6.2
Plotting: Driscoll Ch 5
Marques Ch. 3 (For Thursday)
Marques Ch. 6 (For Thursday)
Driscoll Ch. 5 (For Thursday)
CS1132 Module 1 (Listen to BLectures - 30-45 minutes total)
T Sep. 1
R Sep. 3
Introduction to Solar System Imaging and Remote Sensing
Image manipulation / math
MATLAB Image Tutorial
Lab 1: Fun With Images
Lab 1 Data Package
Skim Howell Chap. 1(For Tuesday)
Skim Elachi Chap. 1 (For Tuesday)
Skim Elachi Chap. 2 (For Tuesday)
CS1132 Module 2 (Listen to BLectures, read PDFs, and look through Graphics example files)
T Sep. 8
R Sep. 10
Introduction to CCDs and Detector Characteristics
CCD Link: U. Oregon
Lab Detectors: BAE-Fairchild CIS2521,ON Semi KAI-08670
Lab 1 due on Sep. 10
CCD/CMOS Detector Characterization
IRTF NSFCAM Linearity Exercise
Lab 2: CCD/CMOS Detector Characterization
Lab 2: Write Up
Lab 2 Data Package
Howell Chap. 2, 4, 8, and 9 (For Tuesday)
Skim Howell Handbook Chap. 3 (For Tuesday)
Skim SITe-CCD.pdf (For Tuesday)
Bevington Chap. 3, 6 (For Thursday)
Janesick Photon Transfer Paper (For Thursday)
T Sep. 15
R Sep. 17
Astrophysical Data Service (ADS) / Web of Science Overview
How to Write a Research Proposal
CCD/CMOS Detector Characterization
Harmon Chap. 1 pages 3-17 (For Tuesday)
Harmon Chap. 4 pages 42-55 (For Tuesday)
Harmon Chap. 10 pages 123-127 (For Tuesday)
T Sep. 22
R Sep. 24
CCD Camera Calibration on Mars (MPF, MER, MSL, and Mars2020)
Lab 2 due on Sep. 24
Calibration of MPF, MER, and MSL images
Lab 3: Calibration of Mars Pathfinder Images
Lab 3 Data Package
Lab 3 Write Up
Reid et al. MPF Calibration paper (For Tuesday)
Bell et al. MER/Pancam Pre-Flight Calibration paper (For Tuesday)
Bell et al. MER/Pancam In-Flight Calibration paper (For Tuesday)
T Sep. 29
R Oct. 1
Techniques to Derive Topography from Images
(altimetry, photoclionometry, and stereo photogrammetry)
Lab 3 due on Oct. 1
Compare different topographic techniques on Mars
(altimetry, photoclinometry and stereo photogrammetry)
Lab 4: Topographic Analysis
Lab 4 Data Package
Lab 4 Writeup
Appendix of Lab 4: Reflectance of Planetary Surface (For Thursday)
Jankowski and Squyres. Sources of Error in Planetary Photoclinometry
T Oct. 6
R Oct. 8
Photogeology and ArcGIS
Science Primer; Titan: An Earthlike Moon
Lab 4 due on Oct. 8

Hands-On ArcGIS Tutorial
MATLAB - ArcGIS Synergies
Official ESRI ArcGIS Tutorials
More Official ESRI ArcGIS Tutorials and Help
Lab 5: Mapping Titan's Lakes
Lab 5 Data Package
Updated Titan Lakes Shapefiles
Modules 1.1 and 1.2 in the workshop presentations
(included in the LAB5 Data Package BACKGROUND sub-direcory)

T Oct. 13
R Oct. 15
NO CLASS Oct. 13 (Fall Break)
Final Project Topic Description (One Paragraph) Due Oct. 15
Map Titan's Lakes using ArcGIS
Morphometric Analysis of Lake Shapefiles in MATLAB
Modules 2.1 and 11 in the workshop presentations
(included in the LAB5 Data Package BACKGROUND sub-direcory)
T Oct. 20
R Oct. 22
Multispectral Imaging
Final Project Proposal (2-3 Pages) Due Oct. 22
Multispectral Data Analysis
Lab 6: Multispectral and Hyperspectral Data Analysis
Lab 6 Data Package
Pierrehumbert: Infrared Radiation and Planetary Temperature
Schaller et al. Storms in the Tropics of Titan

T Oct. 27
R Oct. 29
Hyperspectral Imaging
Science Primer; Mineral Mixing and Vibrational Spectroscopy
Lab 5 Due Oct. 29
Hyperspectral Data Analysis
Hyperspectral Data Analysis
Robinson et al. Titan solar occultation observations reveal transit spectra of a hazy world
T Nov. 3
R Nov. 5
In-Class Presentation Workshop
Final Project Proposal Presentations
In-Class Presentation Workshop
Final Project Proposal Presentations
Presentation Workshop Exercises
Workshop Exercises
T Nov. 10
R Nov. 12
Exoplanet Detection Techniques
Lab 6 Due Nov. 12
Exoplanet Transit Analysis
Lab 7: Exoplanet Transit
Lab 7 Data Package
Exoplanet Archive
Winn, Transits and Occultations
Mandel and Agol Light Curve Tools
Sing, Limb Darkening Coefficients
T Nov. 17
R Nov. 19
Science Primer; Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Determine Strike, Dip, and Stratigraphy
(Mount Sharp, Gale Crater, Mars)
Lab 8: Periodic Bedding on Mars
Lab 8 Data Package
Lewis et al. 2008: Quasi-Periodic Bedding in the Sedimentary Rock Record of Mars
T Nov. 24
R Nov. 26
Determine Strike, Dip, and Stratigraphy
BRING LAPTOPS to class on Tuesday, Nov. 24th
Lab 7 Due Nov. 24
NO CLASS Nov. 26 (Happy Thanksgiving!)
T Dec. 1
R Dec. 3
In-Class Final Presentations
Lab 8 on Dec. 3
In-Class Final Presentations
T Dec. 8
T Dec. 8
Extra Credit Labs Due ON Dec. 8
Lab 9: MER Mircoscopic Imager Focus
Lab 9 Data Pacakge
Lab 10: Exoplanet Transit
Lab 10 Data Package

(a) It would be advantageous for students to go through the CS1132 Tutorial Modules in their entirety

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