Fall 2020         MW 1:25-2:40 pm         Virtual SSB (via zoom)

Lecturer: Dominik Riechers 220 Space Sciences 255-3989 Office hours: Most of the week; by appt; via zoom

Syllabus           Schedule         

Topics include: the structure and internal dynamics of galaxies, spiral structure and star formation, the evolution of stellar populations within galaxies, starburst and nuclear activity in galaxies, clusters of galaxies and their environments, superclusters and voids, the extragalactic distance scale, deviations from Hubble expansion, quasars and galaxies at high redshift.

This year, A6590 will be offered in virtual format, given the current global situation. This decision was made based on an anonymous polling of graduate students, which has shown no preference for in-person instruction, and based on additional information on health by interested participants communicated to the instructor. Lectures will be administered via canvas / zoom, which will also be used to distribute all class materials. Due to these circumstances, it is critical to REGISTER IN ADVANCE of the first lecture this semester (audit will be allowable where necessary, but this option is not recommended for students prior to their A exam). Also, please keep in mind that circumstances can change quickly in the coming months, which could lead to adjustments in the format and course content when the semester is already in progress.

If you have not yet done so, please do some reading on etiquette for online meetings in advance of the course for good practices, to help us maintain a professional, productive, respectful, and welcoming learning environment, as well as fruitful discussion sections in which all participants can openly share their views on the subject matter. Please come prepared with questions for the first lecture in case you do not find the necessary information online or from discussions with your peers. If you haven't used zoom in a while, also make sure to update in advance.

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