ASTRONOMY 7620       Spring 2017

Galaxy Formation and Evolution

A seminar focused on issues surrounding the formation of galaxies and their evolution across cosmic time. Emphasis will be placed on the correspondence of theory, numerical simulations and observations and the promise of major surveys, future facilities and recent advances in the field.

Prerequisites:   Some background in extragalactic astronomy (e.g. Astro 3303, 4432, 6590 or equivalent) recommended. Open to advanced undergraduates by permission of instructor.

Fridays 12:20-2:15pm     SSB 622     2 credits

Each week, a team of participants will make presentation(s) on selected, coordinated topics during the first hour as "Galaxy Lunch". The second part will allow for discussion of questions and planning for subsequent presentations/topics of interest. Suggestions are welcome!

Dominik Riechers 220 SpSci 5-3989
Martha Haynes 530 SpSci 5-0610

Some topics we plan to cover but which are not scheduled yet:
  • Astrochemistry: from the CMZ to the LMC

    Tentative Schedule     (subject to change!!)

    Date Time Topic Link References/Links/Assignments Who
    Fri Jan 27 12:20-1:55* Intro to CCAT-prime PDF   Gordon Stacey
    Fri Feb 03 12:20-1:55* Intro to Intensity Mapping PDF Gong+ 2012
    Yue+ 2015
    Dominik Riechers
    Fri Feb 10 12:20-2:15 Probing Fundamental Physics and Cosmic Structure with CCAT-prime   CMB-S4 science book Mike Niemack
    Fri Feb 17 12:20-2:15 Probes of the Epoch of Reionization PDF Morales & Wyithe 2010
    Fan+ 2006
    The group
    Fri Feb 24 12:20-2:15 Cosmology with kinematic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect measurements from ACTPol and future surveys   De Bernardis+ 2016 Francesco de Bernardis
    Fri Mar 03 12:20-1:30* Cosmic calibration: the power of combining CMB and large scale structure   Sherwin and Schmittfull 2015 Blake Sherwin
    Fri Mar 10 12:20-1:55* Gas accretion onto galaxies   links to astro-ph/ articles Riccardo P.
    Fri Mar 17 12:20-2:15 Studying the biggest objects in the Universe undergoing the biggest collisions in the Universe with the World's biggest (moveable) telescope   Mason+ 2010 Mark Devlin (U Penn)
    Fri Mar 24 12:20-2:15 Deep Radio Continuum Surveys   Norris+ 2012
    Casey+ 2016
    Fri Mar 31 12:20-2:15 FIRE simulations (Feedback in Realistic Environments)   Hopkins+ 2014 and other papers sent in email Avani
    Fri Apr 07   Spring Break      
    Fri Apr 14 12:20-1:55* FIRE simulations (from last time)     Cody & Avani
    Fri Apr 21 12:20-2:15 Fantastic molecules and where to find them   Thielens 2013
    special issue of Chemical Reviews
    Fri Apr 28 12:20-2:15 Submillimeter to Quiescent: an HST/ALMA perspective   Toft+ 2014 Carlos G√≥mez Guijarro (DARK)
    Fri May 05 12:20-2:15 The first stars and SNe with JWST, Euclid, WFIRST, and the ELTs     Daisy

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