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Suggested Galaxy Lunch Papers -- Spring 2016

Some Useful JWST white papers for background: 

Windhorst+ 2009- Galaxies Across Cosmic Time

Brown+ 2008- Studying Resolved Stellar Populations with JWST

Meixner+ 2009- Stellar Populations with JWST: the Beginning and the End


Suggested Papers:

Barlow+ 2009- Prospects for Studies of Stellar Evolution and Stellar Death in the JWST Era

Brown+ 2009- Deep Optical Photometry of Six Fields in the Andromeda Galaxy

Brown+ 2009- The Star Formation Histories of the M31 and M33 Spheroids

Brown+ 2009- The WFC3 Galactic Bulge Treasury Program: A First Look at Resolved Stellar Population Tools

Boylan-Kolchin+ 2015- The Local Group as a time machine: studying the high-redshift Universe with nearby galaxies

Drlica-Wagner+ 2015- Eight Ultra-faint Galaxy Candidates Discovered in Year Two of the Dark Energy Survey

Geha+ 2013-The Stellar Initial Mass Function of Ultra-faint Dwarf Galaxies: Evidence for IMF Variations with Galactic Environment

Giallongo+ 2015- The detection of ultra-faint low surface brightness dwarf galaxies in the Virgo Cluster: a Probe of Dark Matter and Baryonic Physics

Gogarten+ 2010- The Advanced Camera for Surveys Nearby Galaxy Survey Treasury. V. Radial Star Formation History of NGC 300

Jones +2015- A Spitzer Space Telescope survey of extreme asymptotic giant branch stars in M32

Kalirai+ 2013- Ultra-Deep Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of the Small Magellanic Cloud: The Initial Mass Function of Stars with M <~ 1 M ⊙

Lee+ 1993- The Tip of the Red Giant Branch as a Distance Indicator for Resolved Galaxies

McConnachie 2012- The Observed Properties of Dwarf Galaxies in and around the Local Group

McQuinn+ 2015- Characterizing the Star Formation of the Low-mass Shield Galaxies from Hubble Space Telescope Imaging

Mouhcine+ 2005- Halos of Spiral Galaxies. II. Halo Metallicity-Luminosity Relation 

Odewahn+ 2002- Automated Galaxy Morphology: A Fourier Approach

Okamoto+ 2015- A Hyper Suprime-Cam View of the Interacting Galaxies of the M81 Group

Patej & Loeb 2015- Detectability of Local Group Dwarf Galaxy Analogues at High Redshifts

Richer+ 2008- Deep Advanced Camera for Surveys Imaging in the Globular Cluster NGC 6397: the Cluster Color-Magnitude Diagram and Luminosity Function

Rubin+ 2008- Spitzer observations of M33 and the hot star, HII region connection

Stanghellini+ 2010- The population of planetary nebulae and H II regions in M 81. A study of radial metallicity gradients and chemical evolution

Valenti+ 2007- Near-Infrared Properties of 24 Globular Clusters in the Galactic Bulge


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