Publications:   Structure and evolution of galaxy disks

We have made single-dish 21 cm line measurements with the 140-foot telescope at Green Bank to determine the frequency of asymmetry in global HI profiles
  • "Asymmetry in High Precision Global HI Profiles of Isolated Spiral Galaxies"
    Haynes, M.P., Hogg, D.E., Maddalena, R.J., Roberts, M.S. and van Zee L. 1998, Astron J.115, 62.
  • We have been investigating the cause of lopsidedness in the stellar and HI distributions in spiral galaxies.
  • "A Photometric Method for Quantifying Asymmetry in Disk Galaxies"
    Kornreich, D.A, Haynes, M.P. and Lovelace, R.V.E. 1998, Astron. J. 116, 2154.
  • "Eccentric Behavior of Disk Galaxies"
    Lovelace, R.V.E., Zhang, L., Kornreich, D.A. and Haynes, M.P. 1999 Ap.J. 524 634.
  • "Departures From Axisymmetric Morphology and Dynamics in Spiral Galaxies"
    Kornreich, D.A., Haynes, M.P., Lovelace, R.V.E. and van Zee, L. 2000, Astron. J. 120, 139.
  • "Asymmetry in Isolated, Morphologically Normal Sa Galaxies"
    Kornreich, D.A., Haynes, M.P., Jore, K.P. and Lovelace, R.V.E. 2001, Astron. J. (to appear).
  • We are also measuring the abundance gradients in spiral galaxy HII regions
  • "Abundances in Spiral Galaxies: Evidence for Primary Nitrogen Production"
    van Zee, L., Salzer, J.J. and Haynes, M.P. 1998, Ap J.(Lett.)497, L1.
  • "Spectroscopy of Outlying HII Regions in Spiral Galaxies"
    van Zee, L., Salzer, J.J., Haynes, M.P., O'Donoghue, A.A., and Balonek, T.J. 1998, Astron. J.116, 2805.
  • Also see this broader list of publications