Publications:   Star formation history of radio luminous nearby starburst galaxies

For her thesis, Denise Smith conducted a detailed examination of the properties of a radio selected sample of starburst galaxies using both IR imaging and spectroscopy and optical spectroscopy.
  • "The Luminous Starburst Galaxy UGC 8387"
    Smith, D.A., Herter, T., Haynes, M.P., Beichman, C.A and the PFIR Camera Team, 1995, Astrophys. J.,439, 623.
  • "Starburst Galaxies II: Imaging and Spectroscopy of a Radio--Selected Sample"
    Smith, D.A., Herter, T., Haynes M.P., Beichman, C.A., and Gautier, T.N. III, 1996, Astrophys. J. Suppl.,104, 217.
  • "Starburst Galaxies III: Properties of a Radio Selected Sample"
    Smith, D.A., Herter, T., and Haynes M.P. 1998, Astrophys. J.,494, 150.
  • "The Luminous Starburst Ring in NGC 7771: Sequential Star Formation?"
    Smith, D.A., Herter, T., Haynes M.P. and Neff, S.G. 1999, Astrophys. J.,510, 669.
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