Publications:   Kinematics and dynamics of isolated Sa galaxies

The isolated Sa galaxy NGC 4138 contains an extended counter-rotating stellar disk.
  • "A Counter-rotating Disk in the Normal Sa Galaxy NGC 4138"
    Jore, K.P., Broeils, A.H. and Haynes, M.P. 1996, Astron J.112, 438.
  • Morphologically normally, isolated Sa galaxies in general show kinematic peculiarities.
  • "Kinematic Evidence of Minor Mergers in Normal Sa Galaxies: NGC3626, NGC3900, NGC4772 and NGC5854"
    Haynes, M.P., Jore, K.P., Barrett, E.A., Broeils, A.H. and Murray, B.M. 2000, Astron J.120, 703.
  • "Asymmetry in Isolated, Morphologically Normal Sa Galaxies"
    Kornreich, D.A., Haynes, M.P., Jore, K.P. and Lovelace, R.V.E. 2001, Astron. J. (to appear).
  • We are trying to understand the origin of kinematically decoupled components.
  • "Two-Stream Instability in Counterrotating Galaxies" Lovelace, R.V.E., Jore, K.P. and Haynes, M.P. 1997, Astrophys. J475, 83.
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