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Summer 2017

Research Experiences for Undergraduates


Astronomy and Astrophysics

Cornell University has a beautiful campus. It is located on top of a hill between two gorges, Fall Creek on the north and Cascadilla Creek on the south. Once you're here, from the 5th floor of the Johnson Museum of Art you can look out onto Libe Slope and the whole campus. From the A. D. White Room in Uris Library (an awesome room in itself), the view overlooking Libe Slope and Ithaca is also great. For now, view or download maps of campus. Alternatively, the University has a Webview livecast were you can see live views of campus.

Student Life specifically addresses ... well, student life at Cornell, and you can get a sense of a typical week on campus at the Cornell Chronicle. The Events Calendar lists the many interesting talks and lectures as well as entertainment opportunities at events page.

We try to provide the REU group with a variety of activities. We have an orientation session and a lecture series that runs twice a week during the 10 week period. In addition, students take part in a workshop series and a spectrography training session at the HBO Observatory. We hear people enjoy themselves.

REU students usually bond with the graduate students and other members of the project they're working on. In addition, we also organize at least one out-of-town outing and other social events. There are several other REU programs on campus in the summer, and a few of the activities are open to all REU students.

Astronomy REU's are free to chose among several housing options. University co-ops are a very popular one. Last year most of our REU's stayed at Triphammer Coop and at Von Cramm. We hear they enjoyed it. Other options include other University co-ops, dorms like Cascadilla Hall, where many non-Astronomy REU's lived last summer, or off-campus housing. If you are interested in staying at a dorm, you will have to fill out a University Housing form, which will become available later in the spring. If you are interested in staying at a co-op, you will apply directly by e-mailing the house manager, also later in the spring. If you choose to live off-campus, please read carefully the off-campus housing pages.

For other summer astronomy opportunities, visit the Summer Employment Opportunities page of the American Astronomical Society; NASA's One Stop Shopping Initiative; the Institute for Broadening Participation's Pathways to Science; the National Science Foundation's Astronomy REU page.

The REU program is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Cornell University is an equal opportunity employer.

Last updated: December 2018.