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Recent  papers on astro-ph
Stereo Movies


Wind Accretion  to Dipole
- Bondi accretion
- Isolated  old  NS
Propeller  stage
- Magneto t a i l s

Disk Accretion  to Dipole
- Inclined   rotator
- F u n n e l   flows
- Propeller   stage
- Hot spots on star
- Radiative   shock

The Origin  of  Jets

Accretion  Disks Theory
- Counterrotating
- ADAF   theory

Extrasolar  Planets

Our Group





...Our main effort has been focused on developing detailed physical models of astrophysical environments where both rotation and ordered and/or chaotic magnetic field are important. These include the origin of astrophysical jets from magnetized accretion disks, the accretion of plasma to rotating magnetized stars. These problems are unavoidably complicated in that they involve calculations of multi-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic flows.


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