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Wind Accretion to Dipole
- Bondi accretion
- Isolated  old  NS
Propeller  stage
- Magneto t a i l s

Disk Accretion to Dipole
  - Inclined   rotator
- F u n n e l   flows
- Propeller   stage
- Hot spots on star
- Radiative   shock

The  Origin  of  Jets

Accretion  Disks Theory
- Counterrotating
- ADAF   theory

Extrasolar  Planets

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There are major unsolved problems in astrophysics where the magnetic field plays a crucial role: accretion processes with magnetic field, formation and propagation of extragalactic and stellar jets, and accretion to magnetized stars. Understanding these problems and their observational consequences requires combined theoretical analysis and numerical simulations using the complete system of magnetohydrodynamical (MHD) equations in two and three dimensions. In this collaboration, the common efforts of astrophysicists and mathematicians from two Russian Academy of Science Institutes and Cornell University are brought together in a collaborative effort to solve a number of complicated and important MHD problems.

Wind Accretion to the Dipole: 

bullet Spherical Bondi accretion 
bullet Magnetic inhibition of accretion and observability of IONS
bullet Bondi - Hoyle accretion
bullet Accretion in the "propeller" regime

Disk Accretion to the Dipole: 

bullet Accretion to Misaligned Dipole
bullet Analysis of Funnel Flows
bullet Disk accretion in the "propeller" regime
bullet Hot Spots on the Star
bullet Radiative Shock

The Origin of Astrophysical Jets

Theory of Accretion Disks:

bullet Counterrotating accretion disks
bullet Theory of magnetized advection dominated accretion flows

Extrasolar Planets

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