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The East, the Orient, the land of mystery whence comes the rising sun. Here, reality consists of the tales we spin.

Jason and I are a gaming couple. I don't believe in "mixed" couples. The non-gamer cannot understand how their partner could ever possibly want to spend so much time and energy on something so immature and pointless as gaming rather than doing whatever it is that non-gaming couples do. Whatever that is, it must be very boring. One of two things will happen. Either they will break up, or the non-gamer will exert a sapping influence on the gamer's will to game, and eventually the gamer's heart will die and they will quit gaming. (They'll probably quit collecting comics and painting figures, too . . . but they'll still probably be allowed to watch Star Trek or Xena now and then.) Either way, it's a tragedy. So if you're a non-gamer, don't even think of going out with a gamer unless you have some sort of titanic reserve of patience and understanding.

The Amber Diceless roleplaying system is what we play most. They Might Be Redheads is our former Amber group. We mostly play with the same people, in a loose conglomeration known only as the Kung Fu Justice Squad. (Invisible yellow Sasquatch is no match for the Kung Fu Justice Squad!) Shadownet is Jason's online Amber magazine.

You know how expensive games are. Why not make your own classic board games?

We also enjoy Friday night gaming with the Games Club at Cornell. If you're in the greater Ithaca metropolitan area and you'd like to meet gamers and play board games, card games, or minatures games, you should drop by!

A popular great board game at the Games Club is Settlers of Catan. I've designed a new Catan scenario for Pentacon XI.

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