Z · E · N · I · T · H

(ZEE-nith) noun, the point of the celestial sphere vertically above the observer; the culminating point: acme.

The Zenith is the home of loftier pursuits, and loftiest pursuit of humanity is astronomy. Visit some of the following links off-site, or read about my own work or check out my Frequently Asked Questions about astronomy careers. Balanced precariously between Zenith and Nadir is my parody of science in the movies: Hollywood Instant Data Reduction Software.

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I am a graduate student at Cornell University in astronomy. I study the rings of Saturn.
     I came from the University of Iowa where I double-majored in physics and astronomy. When I was there, I worked at the Automated Telescope Facility when it was just a telescope on the roof of Van Allen Hall. That project has spawned the Iowa Robotic Telescope Facility. I also did research on the Demon Star, Algol with Bob Mutel. I was a summer student at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory Array Operations Center in Socorro, New Mexico, working with Dale Frail. We used the Very Large Array to look for pulsar wind nebulae.

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