James M. Cordes

This page provides access to preprints, papers, memos etc. including projects I am currently working on.

Draft thesis on radio transients. Kate Becker Thesis (draft)

Arecibo Pulsar Searches with ALFA: Documents and figures for the Pulsar ALFA (PALFA) Consortium

Crab Pulsar Giant Pulses: A Multifrequency Study Average and Single Giant Pulses

COSPAR 11 Oct 2002 talk: COSPAR 11 Oct 2002 talk

NE2001: A New Galactic Electron Density Model

Square-Kilometer Array: Documents and figures for the US SKA Consortium

SETI: SETI Search Strategies

NAIC/NRAO Summer School Talk:

Pulsar Observations I. 12 Aug 2001, final version (gzipped postscript file=1.37MBytes)

Pulsar Searching Documents:

Pulsar Searching with the Arecibo Telescope (Draft 2000 Dec 15; Revised 2002 19 Nov) (gzipped postscript file=236kB)


Documents & Memos