Square-Kilometer Array:

SKA Draft Submission to Astro2010 Request for Information
Draft of 27 March 2009
PDF (11MB)   

"Dark Energy Experiments with the Square Kilometer Array"
Whitepaper submitted to the Dark Energy Task Force, June 2005
PDF (217kB)   

Transients talk given at Modern Radio Universe 2007, Manchester, UK
"Axes of Discovery: the Time Variable Universe"
PPT (7MB)    (2 October 2007)

The Square Kilometer Array as a Radio Synoptic Survey Telescope: Widefield Surveys for Transients, Pulsars, and ETI
PDF document (2MB)    Version 13.21 (17 October 2007)

Discovery and Understanding with the SKA
PDF document    Version 1.02 (06 August 2006)

Question 2: What is the Case for Multiple Fields of View?
PDF document   

Work done under NSF/ATI grant for Technology Development for the SKA
PDF document   

Pulsar Key Science (Penticton talk by Cordes, Kaspi, Kramer)
Powerpoint document   

Technology Development for the US LNSD Concept (Penticton talk by Cordes)
Powerpoint document   

2004 Update on the Large-N/Small-D SKA Concept: Technology Development and Demonstrators
(Submitted to the IEMT May 2004)
PDF Document (320 kB)   

Draft SKA2004 schedule v4.
Draft Schedule   

Minutes of USSKA Consortium Meeting 03 Oct 2003, Pasadena, CA usskac.minutes.10032003.txt
Pasadena minutes (partial)    (text, 4 kB)

Proposal Outline Document
TDP Proposal Outline    (pdf, 90 kB)

Minutes of Telecon of 09252003
telecon.minutes.09252003.txt    (text, 4 kB)

Minutes of Telecon of 09182003
telecon.minutes.09182003.txt    (text, 7 kB)

Preliminary Work Effort Weighting for TDP (18 Sep 2003)
tdp.activity.weights.v2.txt    (text, 2 kB)

Technology Development Plan Document (distributed 05 Sep 2003, revised 17,21 Sep 2003)
"Outline and Work Areas for a Technology Development Plan to be Proposed to the NSF"    (pdf, 95 kB)

Whitepaper Addendum Document submitted to the ISSC (May 2003):
Response Document    PDF    (929 kB) gzipped postscript    (3.38MB)

Response to NSF Review of ATI2002   pdf (196 kB)    ps (377 kB)

Old: Draft for Response Document to the ISSC (22 April 2003):
Draft Response Document (includes appendices)    (PDF, 377 kB)

Minutes of telecons:
New: Draft Memo on Blind Searching with the SKA (23 April 2003):
Widefield Surveys for Transients, Pulsars and ETI with the SKA    (PDF, 714 kB)

Obsolete: Drafts for Response Document (18 April 2003):
Draft Response Document    (PDF, 126 kB)
Appendices for Draft Response Document    (gzipped PDF, 2.5 MB)

Materials for responding to the EMT and ISAC evaluations of the Whitepaper
(Responses due 31 May 2003)
(See also the 15 June 2002 version of the US Large N-Small D Whitepaper below)
ISAC Report on Whitepapers of June 2002    (link to www.skatelescope.org, Memo 28)
EMT Report on Whitepapers of June 2002    (link to www.skatelescope.org, Memo 27)

Memo on Detection of Single Pulses vs. Periodicity Searches    pdf    128kB    (05 Apr 2003)

Summary of Multibeaming Discussion at Groningen, 2002 August
US SKA Proposal Submitted to NSF 03 September 2002 (ATI program):
(Technology Development for the Square Kilometer Array. II.)

Large N-Small D Whitepaper Submitted to the ISSC 15 June 2002:

Current revised Strawman proposal as of 12 June '02:
Please comment by 6pm EDT 13 June '02 (Thursday)

Rebudgeting and Status of the NSF/ATI Proposal: US SKA Proposal Submitted to NSF 31 August 2001 (ATI program):
(Technology Development for the Square Kilometer Array)
Galactic Plane plot showing results of simulated SKA pulsar survey (jpeg=309kB) (gzipped postscript=785kB)


Projection onto the Galactic plane of L-band survey pulsars.
  • Open circles: Parkes Multibeam pulsars (from public catalog).
  • Black dots: Pulsars from the Princeton Catalog.
  • Blue dots: simulated SKA detections (400 MHz, 600 s, 1024 ch).
  • Spiral arms: spiral arm definitions used in new electron-density model (NE2001, Cordes & Lazio, astro-ph/0207156; NE2001 papers & code ).
  • Assumed birth rate = 1 / (167 yr)
larger images: (jpeg=309kB) (gzipped postscript=785kB)

SKA/NSF Memo 1.01 25 May 2001 (postscript file=91kB)

US SKA Consortium Roadmap V1.0 submitted to NSF April 2001:
Cornell Proposal to US SKA Consortium (23 Mar 2001) (gzipped postscript file=66kB)
"A Cornell Proposal to the US SKA Consortium for Management of NSF-Funded SKA Development Efforts"

James M. Cordes