Dan Tamayo

Welcome to my website! I am finishing my PhD in the Cornell astronomy department. I work with my advisor Joe Burns and Phil Nicholson. You can find more information about me in my Bio, and on my CV.

I am interested in all areas of celestial mechanics, particularly in resonant phenomena and chaos. Thus far, my research has mostly been applied to the dynamics of dust grains collisionally generated by the irregular satellites of the giant planets. It turns out this dust creates the largest circumplanetary rings in the Solar System (over 100 times the radial extent of Saturn's main rings)! My Research section expounds on these interests and work.

Also make sure to check out my Teaching section! I'm really interested in what separates outstanding teachers from average ones, and am always trying to get better!

Finally, I'm really excited about an open-source project I'm working on called OGRE (Orbital GRaphics Environment). It's a program that enables you to load output files from numerical integrators commonly used in academia (e.g., SWIFT), interactively look through the simulation, and generate movies for insertion into professional and public presentations. Check it out on the OGRE page!