This page is meant to provide a resource for beginning students who are interested in learning more about general relativity (GR) and gravitational waves (GW). It is not meant to be a comprehensive listing, but merely a collection of books, articles, and other resources that I have found useful. Enjoy!

Fast ways to learn about GR:

Great introductory text books on GR

More advanced GR texts

Textbooks on GWs

Textbooks on numerical relativity

Other books related to relativity

General review articles on GWs

Texts focusing on BHs

Pedagogical articles on GR, BHs, or GWs.

Post-Newtonian theory

Other resource collections

Videos on GWs/LIGO

Gravitational wave experiments

Gravitational wave research groups

(not a comprehensive list.)

Literature resources

Conference listings

Other useful sites

LSC specific sites

(LSC login maybe required for some sites.)
Last updated on 11 March 2015
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