This page provides resources for outreach events related to gravitational waves, LIGO, black holes, relativity, etc. This collects only those resources that I personally like and have used at NEAF and other outreach events.

Videos on GWs/LIGO

Good for new students to watch and quickly learn the very basics about GR, GWs, and LIGO. (Now a bit out-of-date due to detection; see additional shorter videos below.)


Good expo display videos

At NEAF we had two monitors with looping short videos/animations:

Videos (presented in a looping playlist in this order): Animations (presented in this order): Older (but still good) display videos and animations: To save youtube videos to your computer follow the instructions here.

Hands-on demos



EPO on a USB

Introductory articles on GWs/LIGO

I recommend students to review a few of these articles to get a basic handle on GWs and LIGO. (This is a shortened version of articles on my GW Resources page.)

Other resource collections

Last updated on 1 June 2016
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