CIMA Setup and Observing Cookbook for ALFA
Prepared by the E-ALFA Drift Group     21 Sep 2004

Disclaimer: CIMA is changing; this works today but may not tomorrow! Note that there are some redundancies in the current version and some features are not yet implemented. This and CIMA are works in progress.

Before Observing



Data Monitoring

Mikael is working on a package for telescope monitoring and data display. Most of the features are already available. These programs read the data that are being broadcasted to the FITS files, and not the FITS files themselves. The screens are updated every 10 seconds.
On Dataview, click on the background and select from the menu: You can open the same widgets by typing on an xterm: The program alfadatawin is currently only available on Linux machines. The other commands are available on other machines, too.


A handy (but evolving) checklist is here.

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