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E-ALFA Coordinating Committee

At the May 2004 E-ALFA workshop, guidelines for the functioning of the E-ALFA consortium were drawn up and subsequently voted on. It was agreed to form a "coordinating committee" consisting of representatives of E-ALFA consortium projects that have been granted telescope time or those in the development stage that have been endorsed by the E-ALFA consortium. The coordinating committee is tasked with providing leadership to the E-ALFA consortium overall as well as advocating for and coordinating E-ALFA interests with NAIC and with the other ALFA science consortia, including possibilities for commensal observing. This group replaces the previous Steering Committee, and the E-ALFA Consortium has been reorganized according to the 2004 guidelines.

The following individuals have been elected to the E-ALFA Coordinating Committee in July 2004.

Name Representative ofemailsend email
Jon Davies (Cardiff) The Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey "AGES" mail Jon
Wolfram Freudling (ESO) The ALFA Ultra Deep Survey "AUDS" mail Wolfram
Riccardo Giovanelli (Cornell) The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA "ALFALFA" Survey mail Riccardo
Trish Henning (New Mexico) ZOA commensal observing mail Trish
Judith Irwin (Queen's) Nearby galaxy mapping: NGC 2903 mail Judith

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