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SDFITS formats


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Current AO spectral line SDFITS tables:

Here's what a single row of a current binary SDFITS table of Arecibo 1024-spectral point data contains:
Col#TitleDescriptionFormat# bytes
1 DATA Actual Data 1024E 4096
2 OBJECT Name of source observed 16A 16
3 TDIM1 Dimensions of DATA array 16E 16
4 CTYPE1 Axis type and Doppler Correction 8A 8
5 CRVAL1 Center Frequency 8D 8
6 CDELT1 Frequency Interval 8D 8
7 CRPIX1 Pixel of Center Frequency 8D 8
8 CRVAL2 RA 8D 8
10CRVAL4 Polarization (neg -> Pol, Pos -> Stok8D 8
11CRVAL5 Time at Exposure start (sec since DAT8D 8
12IF Subcorrelator 8D 8
13TSYS Tsys 8D 8
14OBSFREQ Center Frequency 8D 8
16DOP-USEDDoppler Shift Used 8D 8
17DOP-NOW Correct Doppler Shift during dump (No8D 8
18DOP-TIMETime since Doppler was set 8D 8
19RESTFREQRest freq at band center 8D 8
20VELOCITYOptical Velocity 8D 8
21REDSHIFTOptical Redshift 8D 8
22VELDEF Velocity Reference Frame 8A 8
23JD Julian Day Number at Exposure Start 8D 8
24LST Local Mean Siderial Time at exposure 8D 8
26SCAN Scan Number: YDDDnnnnn 8D 8
27OBSMODE Observing Mode. PSSW is position swi8D 8
28NPHASE how many scans in a pattern 8D 8
29PHASEID which scan in a pattern 8D 8
30GRPNUM Exposure Number 8D 8
31AZIMUTH Encoder Azimuth on sky (not feed) 8D 8
32ZEN_ANG Encoder Zenith Angle 8D 8
33ELEVATIOEncoder Elevation 8D 8
34ALT_ZA Encoder Zenith Angle of other Carriag8D 8
35POS_TIMETime when AZ and ZA measured 8D 8
36LAGS_IN Lags Acquired 8D 8
37NCHAN Lags Written 8D 8
38CORRMODECorrelator Mode 8A 8
39RFNUM Receiver Number 8D 8
40CALNUM Cal number 8D 8
41FRONTEND Front end identifier 8A 8
42LAG_CONFIGCorrelator setup number 8D 8
43ATTN_COR Correlator attenuator 8D 8
44PWR_METERPower from power meter 8D 8
45TOT_POWERScaled Power in zero-lag 8D 8
47CALON_POWER Power with CALON 8D 8
48CORRLEVS 3 or 9 level sampling 8D 8
49BLANKING Radar blanking if True 1L 1
50DNYQUIST Double Nyquist sampling if True 1L 1
51LBWHYB LBandWide Hybrid is in (for circular1L 1
52UPDNHYB 10 GHz Hybrid is in (for circular pol1L 1

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