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The precursor program is completed and we are now working on the full survey ALFALFA! Look there!

Publications resulting from the precursor program

  • The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey: I. Science Goals, Survey Design and Strategy
    Giovanelli, R., Haynes, M.P., Kent, B.R., Perillat, P., Saintonge, A., Brosch, N., Catinella, B., Hoffman, G.L., Stierwalt, S., Spekkens, K., Lerner, M., Masters, K.L., Momjian, E., Rosenberg, J., Springob, C.M. plus 25 others, 2005, Astron. J. 130, 2598.
    ADS     astro-ph/0508301     higher quality PDF preprint

  • The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey: II. Results of Precursor Observations
    Giovanelli, R., Haynes, M.P., Kent, B.R., Perillat, P., Catinella, B., Hoffman, G.L., Momjian, E., Rosenberg, J., Saintonge, A., Spekkens, K., Brosch, N., Masters, K.L., Springob, C.M., Karachentsev, I.D., Karachentseva, V.E., Koopmann, R.A., Muller, E., van Driel, W. & van Zee, L., 2005, Astron. J. 130, 2613.
    ADS     astro-ph/0508300     higher quality PDF preprint

  • The complete dataset contained in this paper is available at

Technical documents related to A1946 precursor run:

First results from the A1946 precursor observations: We've got LOTS OF galaxies!

Drift map precursor proposal (A1946) documents:

Document Download docsVersion date
Precursor proposal as submitted PS     PDF 16Feb2004
ALFALFA tiling proposal PS     PDF in revision, but basic idea valid
Report of Jan 2004 WAPP tests (A1849)           PDF 20Jan2004

AO Project A1946 Planning Documents:

Our precursor program was allotted telescope time in Aug-Sep 2004 under program A1946. Since not all of that time was successful and many changes have been taking place, we hope to have more time in Jan-Feb 2005.

Document Access/download docsVersion date
Memo on detection statistics           PDF     22Jul2004
Tentative task list           txt     21Jul2004
Tentative observing plan           txt     25Jul2004
A1946 wish-list for NAIC           txt     27Jul2004
Strawman data organization and bookkeeping memo           PDF     12Aug2004    
Spacing of E-ALFA drifts           PDF     03Aug2004
FAA radar signal compression at 1330,150 MHz     Phil's page     03Aug2004
Data processing stream for drift surveys    
                    Option A           PDF     11Aug2004
                    Option B           PDF     12Aug2004    
Notes from the 05Aug2004 planning telecon           txt     06Aug2004

IDL Software Development:

The Cornell group has been working with Arecibo staff to develop IDL routines for the reduction of mapping data in anticipation of the August A1946 observing run. Routines are being tested on single pixel mapping data obtained in 2003 using the interim correlator under projects A1705 and A1763. The approach is based on Phil Perillat's extensive routines for mapping data using either the Interim Correlator (IC) or the WAPPs.

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