The Radio, Millimeter and Submillimeter Planning Group (RMSPG)

In anticipation of the senior review of the NSF AST Division's programs and facilities, the radio, millimeter and submillimeter (RMS) community, through AUI and with NSF's concurrence, has convened a group to review the progress towards implementation of the recommendations of the 2000 Astronomy and Astrophysics Survey Committee in the relevant areas.

This planning group includes the same individuals who participated in the NRC 2000 AASC panel on RMS astronomy and were authors of its report. However, our current activities are not sponsored by the NRC; rather, we have been convened by AUI, on behalf of the community.

The planning group is acting under conditions of limited time and budget. Its activities are intended to be as open as feasible. Most activity is conducted by telecon and by email. Comments and input from the community are welcome.

The membership is:
Martha Haynes (co-chair) Cornell
Jim Moran (co-chair) CfA
Geoff Blake Caltech
Don Campbell Cornell
John Carlstrom Chicago
Neal Evans Texas
Jackie Hewitt MIT
Ken Kellermann NRAO
Alan Marscher BU
Steve Myers NRAO
Mark Reid SAO
Jack Welch UCB


05Oct18Final report NEW!
05Sep25Report for final comment
05Sep19Link to NSF-AST Senior Review page.
05Sep19Link to NRAO posting of its submission to the Senior Review (Click on appropriate links on NRAO home page)
05Sep19Link to NAIC's Senior Review information page, which includes the NAIC submission.
05May15 Update on RMSPG activities to AAAC by MPH on behalf of RMSPG
05May15 Whitepaper on DSN Array, courtesy of Tom Kuiper
05Apr26Minutes of 05Apr25 telecon
05Apr15The CAA has requested a presentation of the RMS community long range strategy at its next meeting on May 20. Our plans for this presentation are documented here.
05Apr15NSF has asked the NRC/CAA to consider ALMA descope options. See the NRC committee website, and the agenda of their meeting on 6-7 April 2005.
05Apr14NSF has sent NAIC and NRAO letters asking them to work with their user communities to address specific items in advance of the Senior Review. Links to the relevant page on each Observatory's website are here: NAIC and NRAO.
05Apr14On 05Mar09, NSF/AST posted the URO solicitation for the next round of the URO program. The "anticipated funding" level for FY2006 is down 20% relative to FY05 facilities operations support.
05Apr04 Rough draft report Version 1.2    
05Apr04 Report of the Ad Hoc Radio Planning Group, an independent activity (a community input to RMSPG)
NRAO site       Cornell Site
05Mar29 Minutes of 05Mar28 telecon
05Mar27 Minutes of 05Mar14 telecon
05Mar12 Minutes of 05Feb28 telecon
05Feb14 RMSPG compilation of RMS Facilities/Projects
05Feb14 Progress report on RMSPG activities to AAAC by MPH on behalf of RMSPG
05Feb10 Links to relevant NRC reports
05Feb10 Minutes of 05Feb07 telecon
05Feb04 Minutes of 05Jan24 telecon
05Jan17 Minutes of 05Jan10 telecon
05Jan06 Minutes of 04Dec27 telecon
04Dec21 Current list of projects/facilities under discussion, plus associated contacts
04Dec21 Minutes of 04Dec13 telecon
04Dec12 Minutes of 04Nov29 telecon
04Nov23 Minutes of 04Nov15 telecon
04Nov15 Contact list for input on projects/facilities in RMS astronomy, including designated RMSPG contact
04Nov08 Initial request for input on projects/facilities in RMS astronomy
04Nov08 Text of email to directors/leaders of projects/facilities in RMS astronomy
04Nov01 Minutes of 04Nov01 telecon
04Nov01 Excerpts of letter from E. Schreier (AUI) to R. Dickman (NSF)
04Sep27 Excerpts of letter from R. Dickman (NSF) to R. Giacconi (AUI) concurring with plan to sponsor committee

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