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Current and Proposed CMB Programs/Facilities

Direct observations of the CMB are uniquely within the purview of RMS astronomy and huge advances have occurred in the last decade, thanks to a coordinated strategy of both space- and ground-based programs. A Task Force on the overall US CMB research program (TFCR) will soon report to the Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee and HEPAP; we are trying to avoid duplicating the efforts of the TFCR. The TFCR charge can be found at this link to the HEPAP page.

For the purpose of educating our RMSPG on the state of CMB experiments, we include here a draft compilation of both space and ground based CMB experiments either in the data analysis phase, operational or in development. We fully recognize that this list is probably not complete and apologize in advance to any projects which feel slighted by omission here. Absence of a project from this list carries no significance other than the lack of time/effort on the part of the RMSPG. Please feel free to suggest additions/corrections to this page by writing to Martha Haynes.

ExperimentFreq. (GHz)Aperture (m)FWHM (deg)N/polPol?TypeModSiteFundingStatusScience target
CMB Experiments In Progress
ACBAR 150,219,274,(345)20.078,4,4,(4)nBoloScanSouth PoleNSF (OPP)analysisCMB,SZE
Boomerang (B2K) 145,245,34520.11-0.164,2,2yBoloScanballoonNASAanalysisCMB,CMBpol
CBI 300.90.07-0.413yHEMTIntfChile NSF (AST)ongoingCMB,CMBpol,SZE
CAPMAP 40,9070.06-0.144,12yMMICXcorNew JerseyNSF (AST)ongoingCMBpol
DASI 30 0.20.3-1.213yHEMTIntfSouth PoleNSF (OPP)analysis CMB,CMBpol
Maxipol 140,4201.30.1712,4yBoloScanballoonNASAanalysisCMBpol
WMAP 22,30,40,60,901.50.21-0.821,1,2,2,4yHEMTXcorspace (L2)NASAongoingCMB,CMBpol
CMB Experiments In Development
BICEP 100,1500.21,0.716,32yBoloFarSWSouth PoleNSF (OPP)?CMBpol
KUPID 12-1870.21yHEMTXcor?New JerseyNSF?CMBpol
MBI 90,180,270?1.4??yBoloIntfCA/South Pole?NSF (ATI)proposedCMBpol
QUaD 100,1502.60.0712,19yBoloPlateSouth PoleNSF (OPP)construction?CMBpol
QUIET 40,903x2m,1x7m0.1,191,3x387yMMICXcorChileNSF/NASAprop/constCMBpol
Planck-LFI 30,44,701.50.23-0.552,3,6yMMICXcor?space (L2)NASAconstructionCMB,CMBpol
Planck-HFI 100,143,217,3531.50.08-0.154,4,4,4yBoloScan"" ""
SPORT 22,32,900.11,0.08,0.0371,1,2yHEMTXcor?space (ISS)NASA/ESA?CMBpol
SZA 30,903.50.015-0.15,0.005-0.058yHEMTIntfCaliforniaNSF (ATI)constructionSZE
CMB Instruments on Telescopes in Development
ACT 150,220,26560.01-0.023000nBoloScanChileNSFfundedCMB
SPT 90,150,220,270,350100.0025-0.031000nBoloScanSouth PoleNSF (OPP)construction?SZE
Foreign CMB Experiments and Instruments
AMI 153.70.0210nHEMTIntfCambridgePPARCconstructionSZE
AMiBA 900.3,1.20.0319yMMICIntfHawaii  construction?CMBpol,SZE
CLOVER90,150,220?0.25256x3yBoloScan South PolePPARC?construction?CMBpol
VSA 300.320.2-0.514yHEMTIntfTenerifePPARCongoingCMB

This page created and maintained for the RMSPG by Martha Haynes Based on a compilation originally supplied by Steve Myers, with additional suggestions by John Carlstrom, and final blame by Martha Haynes. Further suggestions welcome. Last modified: Tue 1 Mar 16:21:01 EST 2005.