Coronavirus data for Tompkins County, NY

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• March 13th – Cornell’s last day of on-campus classes
• March 14th – first confirmed case in Tompkins County
• March 20th – all non-essential businesses closed in NY
• March 23rd – all non-essential gatherings canceled
• March 27th – all schools closed
• May 15th – Southern Tier begins phase 1 reopening
• May 29th – Southern Tier begins phase 2 reopening
• June 12th – Ideal phase 3 reopening
• June 26th – Ideal phase 4 reopening

Tompkins response timeline (May 19th)

The growth factor is a measure of how quickly daily case rates are changing and in which direction. It’s calculated by taking the ratio of new cases and the previous day’s new cases. A growth factor consistently over 1 means cases are growing exponentially. A growth factor of 1 means cases are growing linear and under 1 means case rate is slowing.

3-day change over time represents the change in the number of active cases averaged over a 3-day period. This is meant to represent how the number of active cases is changing over time and in which direction. Positive change means cases are increasing, negative means cases are decreasing.

TCHD Data:
Historical data was made available through the TCHD website here. For more information on available data visit the TCHD local data page here.

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