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1  2018NewA...62...94R
1.000 07/2018 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Blinova, A. A.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Properties of strong and weak propellers from MHD simulations

5  2016MNRAS.459.3482C
1.000 07/2016 A      E  F      L  X                      R                          U      
  Comins, Megan L.; Romanova, Marina M.; Koldoba, Alexander V.; Ustyugova, Galina V.; Blinova, Alisa A.; Lovelace, Richard V. E.
The effects of a magnetic field on planetary migration in laminar and turbulent discs

6  2016MNRAS.459.2354B
1.000 07/2016 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Blinova, A. A.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Boundary between stable and unstable regimes of accretion. Ordered and chaotic unstable regimes

7  2016NewA...45...60K
1.000 05/2016 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Koldoba, A. V.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Lii, P. S.; Comins, M. L.; Dyda, S.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Numerical MHD codes for modeling astrophysical flows

8  2016AIPC.1721e0004L
1.000 03/2016 A      E          L                  T      R                              
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
Particle rings and astrophysical accretion discs

9  2016smfu.book..347R
1.000 00/2016         E          L                          R  C                      U      
  Romanova, Marina M.; Owocki, Stanley P.
Accretion, Outflows, and Winds of Magnetized Stars

10  2015SSRv..191..339R
1.000 10/2015 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Romanova, Marina M.; Owocki, Stanley P.
Accretion, Outflows, and Winds of Magnetized Stars

11  2015MNRAS.450..481D
1.000 06/2015 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Dyda, S.; Lovelace, R. V. E.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Lii, P. S.; Romanova, M. M.; Koldoba, A. V.
Asymmetric MHD outflows/jets from accreting T Tauri stars

12  2015MNRAS.448.1628S
1.000 04/2015 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Schnepf, N. R.; Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.; Airapetian, V. S.
Stellar wind erosion of protoplanetary discs

13  2015MNRAS.446..613D
1.000 01/2015 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Dyda, S.; Lovelace, R. V. E.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Romanova, M. M.; Koldoba, A. V.
Counter-rotating accretion discs

14  2015gacv.workE..31R
1.000 00/2015                                                                                 
  Romanova, M.
Accretion onto Magnetized Stars: 3D-MHD Simulations

15  2014ComAC...1....3L
1.000 09/2014 A      E  F      L                          R  C                      U      
  Lovelace, Richard V. E.; Romanova, Marina M.; Lii, Patrick; Dyda, Sergei
On the origin of jets from disc-accreting magnetized stars

16  2014ASPC..488..134T
1.000 09/2014 A      E  F  G                  T      R                          U      
  Toropina, O. D.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Magnetized Neutron Stars in the Interstellar Medium

17  2014ASPC..488..127R
1.000 09/2014 A      E  F  G  X              T      R  C                      U      
  Romanova, M.; Kurosawa, R.
Simulations of Accretion onto Magnetized Stars: Results of 3D MHD Simulations and 3D Radiative Transfer

18  2014MNRAS.442.3643P
1.000 08/2014 A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U      
  Petrov, P. P.; Kurosawa, R.; Romanova, M. M.; Gameiro, J. F.; Fernandez, M.; Babina, E. V.; Artemenko, S. A.
Facing the wind of the pre-FUor V1331 Cyg

19  2014IAUS..302...54K
1.000 08/2014 A      E          L  X              T      R                          U      
  Kurosawa, Ryuichi; Romanova, M. M.
Magnetospheric Accretions and the Inner Winds of Classical T Tauri Stars

20  2014FlDyR..46d1401L
1.000 08/2014 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
Rossby wave instability in astrophysical discs

21  2014MNRAS.441...86L
1.000 06/2014 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Lii, Patrick S.; Romanova, Marina M.; Ustyugova, Galina V.; Koldoba, Alexander V.; Lovelace, Richard V. E.
Propeller-driven outflows from an MRI disc

22  2014EPJWC..6405009B
1.000 01/2014 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Blinova, A. A.; Bachetti, M.; Romanova, M. M.
Oscillations of the Boundary Layer and High-frequency QPOs

23  2014EPJWC..6405008B
1.000 01/2014 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Blinova, A. A.; Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
Boundary Between Stable and Unstable Regimes of Accretion

24  2014EPJWC..6405003L
1.000 01/2014 A      E          L                          R  C                      U      
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
3D MHD Simulations of Waves Excited in an Accretion Disk by a Rotating Magnetized Star

25  2014EPJWC..6405002L
1.000 01/2014 A      E          L                          R                          U      
  Lii, Patrick; Romanova, Marina; Lovelace, Richard
MHD Simulations of Magnetized Stars in the Propeller Regime of Accretion

26  2014EPJWC..6405001R
1.000 01/2014 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.; Bachetti, M.; Blinova, A. A.; Koldoba, A. V.; Kurosawa, R.; Lii, P. S.; Ustyugova, G. V.
MHD Simulations of Magnetospheric Accretion, Ejection and Plasma-field Interaction

27  2014EPJWC..6404004K
1.000 01/2014 A      E          L                          R                          U      
  Kurosawa, Ryuichi; Romanova, M. M.
Observable Signatures of Classical T Tauri Stars Accreting in an Unstable Regime

28  2014prpl.conf..387A
1.000 00/2014 A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
  Audard, M.; Ábrahám, P.; Dunham, M. M.; Green, J. D.; Grosso, N.; Hamaguchi, K.; Kastner, J. H.; Kóspál, Á.; Lodato, G.; Romanova, M. M.; and 3 coauthors
Episodic Accretion in Young Stars

29  2013MNRAS.436..881D
1.000 11/2013 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Donati, J.-F.; Gregory, S. G.; Alencar, S. H. P.; Hussain, G.; Bouvier, J.; Jardine, M. M.; Ménard, F.; Dougados, C.; Romanova, M. M.; MaPP Collaboration
Magnetospheric accretion on the fully convective classical T Tauri star DN Tau

30  2013arXiv1310.6697C
1.000 10/2013 A                      X                      R                          U      
  Comins, M. L.; Romanova, M. M.; Koldoba, A. V.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
The effect of an ordered azimuthal magnetic field on a migrating planet in a non-turbulent disc

31  2013MNRAS.433.3048K
1.000 08/2013 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Kulkarni, A. K.; Romanova, M. M.
Analytical hotspot shapes and magnetospheric radius from 3D simulations of magnetospheric accretion

32  2013prpl.conf2S015K
1.000 07/2013 A      E  F          X              T      R  C                      U      
  Kurosawa, Ryuichi; Romanova, Marina
Possible Observable Signatures of Classical T Tauri Stars Accreting in an Unstable Regime

33  2013MNRAS.432..127D
1.000 06/2013 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Dyda, S.; Lovelace, R. V. E.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Lii, P. S.; Romanova, M. M.; Koldoba, A. V.
Advection of matter and B-fields in alpha-discs

34  2013arXiv1306.1160L
1.000 06/2013 A                      X                      R  C                      U      
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.; Lii, P.
Magnetically Driven and Collimated Jets from the Disc-Magnetosphere Boundary of Rotating Stars

35  2013MNRAS.431.2673K
1.000 05/2013 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Kurosawa, Ryuichi; Romanova, M. M.
Spectral variability of classical T Tauri stars accreting in an unstable regime

36  2013EPJWC..4603004L
1.000 04/2013 A      E          L                          R  C                          
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
Global 3D MHD Simulations of Waves in Accretion Discs

37  2013MNRAS.430..699R
1.000 03/2013 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Warps, bending and density waves excited by rotating magnetized stars: results of global 3D MHD simulations

38  2013ApJ...764..196L
1.000 02/2013         E  F      L                          R  C                  O      
  Long, M.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Erratum: "Locking of the Rotation of Disk-accreting Magnetized Stars" (2005, ApJ, 634, 1214)

39  2013AAS...22134314C
1.000 01/2013 A                                      T                                      
  Comins, Megan L.; Romanova, M. M.; Koldoba, A. V.; Ustyugova, G.; Lovelace, R. V.
The Effect of an Azimuthal Magnetic Field on Planetary Migration: 2D Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations

40  2013AAS...22125627L
1.000 01/2013 A                                      T                                      
  Lii, Patrick; Ustyugova, G.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V.
Episodic Accretion in the Propeller Regime

42  2012MNRAS.426.2901K
1.000 11/2012 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Kurosawa, Ryuichi; Romanova, M. M.
Line formation in the inner winds of classical T Tauri stars: testing the conical-shell wind solution

43  2012MNRAS.425.2948D
1.000 10/2012 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Donati, J.-F.; Gregory, S. G.; Alencar, S. H. P.; Hussain, G.; Bouvier, J.; Dougados, C.; Jardine, M. M.; Ménard, F.; Romanova, M. M.
Magnetometry of the classical T Tauri star GQ Lup: non-stationary dynamos and spin evolution of young Suns

44  2012ExA....34..415F
1.000 10/2012 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Feroci, M.; Stella, L.; van der Klis, M.; Courvoisier, T. J.-L.; Hernanz, M.; Hudec, R.; Santangelo, A.; Walton, D.; Zdziarski, A.; Barret, D.; and 193 coauthors
The Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT)

45  2012ASPC..459..173T
1.000 07/2012 A      E  F  G                  T      R                              
  Toropina, O. D.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
MHD Simulation of Bondi-Hoyle Accretion onto Magnetized Neutron Star

46  2012ASPC..459..161R
1.000 07/2012 A      E  F  G                  T      R                          U      
  Romanova, M.; Ustyugova, G.; Koldoba, A.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Global Simulations of MRI-driven Accretion onto Magnetized Stars

47  2012A&A...541A.116A
1.000 05/2012 A      E  F      L  X          D          R  C      S              U      
  Alencar, S. H. P.; Bouvier, J.; Walter, F. M.; Dougados, C.; Donati, J.-F.; Kurosawa, R.; Romanova, M.; Bonfils, X.; Lima, G. H. R. A.; Massaro, S.; and 2 coauthors
Accretion dynamics in the classical T Tauri star V2129 Ophiuchi

48  2012MNRAS.421...63R
1.000 03/2012 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
MRI-driven accretion on to magnetized stars: global 3D MHD simulations of magnetospheric and boundary layer regimes

49  2012MNRAS.420.2020L
1.000 03/2012 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Lii, Patrick; Romanova, Marina; Lovelace, Richard
Magnetic launching and collimation of jets from the disc-magnetosphere boundary: 2.5D MHD simulations

50  2012NewA...17..232L
1.000 02/2012 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Long, Min; Romanova, Marina M.; Lamb, Frederick K.
Accretion onto stars with octupole magnetic fields: Matter flow, hot spots and phase shifts

51  2012MNRAS.420..810T
1.000 02/2012 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Toropina, O. D.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Bondi-Hoyle accretion on to a magnetized neutron star

54  2012mgm..conf.1111T
1.000 00/2012 A      E  F      L                  T                                  U      
  Toropina, Olga D.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Propagation of Magnetars Through the Interstellar Medium

55  2011MNRAS.417..472D
1.000 10/2011 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Donati, J.-F.; Gregory, S. G.; Alencar, S. H. P.; Bouvier, J.; Hussain, G.; Skelly, M.; Dougados, C.; Jardine, M. M.; Ménard, F.; Romanova, M. M.; Unruh, Y. C.
The large-scale magnetic field and poleward mass accretion of the classical T Tauri star TW Hya

56  2011MNRAS.416.2623K
1.000 10/2011 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Kurosawa, Ryuichi; Romanova, M. M.; Harries, T. J.
Multidimensional models of hydrogen and helium emission line profiles for classical T Tauri stars: method, tests and examples

57  2011MNRAS.416..757K
1.000 09/2011 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Königl, Arieh; Romanova, Marina M.; Lovelace, Richard V. E.
Are the outflows in FU Orionis systems driven by the stellar magnetic field?

58  2011MNRAS.416..416R
1.000 09/2011 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
MRI-driven accretion on to magnetized stars: axisymmetric MHD simulations

59  2011AIPC.1379..107B
1.000 09/2011 A      E          L  X              T      R                          U      
  Bachetti, Matteo; Romanova, Marina M.
The moving hotspot model for kHz QPOs in accreting neutron stars

60  2011IAUS..274..416R
1.000 06/2011 A          F  G                  T      R                          U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.
Global MHD simulations of disk-magnetosphere interactions: accretion and outflows

61  2011MNRAS.413.1061L
1.000 05/2011 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Long, M.; Romanova, M. M.; Kulkarni, A. K.; Donati, J.-F.
Global 3D simulations of disc accretion on to the classical T Tauri star BP Tauri

62  2011AAS...21840702L
1.000 05/2011 A                                                                              
  Lii, Patrick; Romanova, M.; Lovelace, R.
Magnetic Launching And Collimation Of Jets From The Disk-magnetosphere Boundary: 2.5D MHD Simulations

63  2011MNRAS.412.2454D
1.000 04/2011 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Donati, J.-F.; Bouvier, J.; Walter, F. M.; Gregory, S. G.; Skelly, M. B.; Hussain, G. A. J.; Flaccomio, E.; Argiroffi, C.; Grankin, K. N.; Jardine, M. M.; and 3 coauthors
Non-stationary dynamo and magnetospheric accretion processes of the classical T Tauri star V2129 Oph

64  2011MNRAS.411..915R
1.000 02/2011 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Long, M.; Lamb, F. K.; Kulkarni, A. K.; Donati, J.-F.
Global 3D simulations of disc accretion on to the classical T Tauri star V2129 Oph

65  2011AAS...21710404R
1.000 01/2011 A                                      T          C                          
  Romanova, Marina M.
Numerical Simulations of Accretion and Outflows in Young Stars

66  2011oss..prop.1125R
1.000 00/2011 A                                                                              
  Romanova, Marina
Migration and Survival of Planets near Magnetized Protostars

67  2011oss..prop...25R
1.000 00/2011 A                                                                          U      
  Romanova, Marina
Migration and Survival of Planets near Magnetized Protostars

68  2010MNRAS.408.2083L
1.000 11/2010 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.
One-sided outflows/jets from rotating stars with complex magnetic fields

69  2010AIPC.1248..133B
1.000 07/2010 A      E          L  X              T      R  C                      U      
  Bachetti, Matteo; Romanova, Marina M.; Kulkarni, Akshay; Burderi, Luciano; Di Salvo, Tiziana
3D MHD Simulations of accreting neutron stars: evidence of QPO emission from the surface

70  2010AIPC.1242..255L
1.000 06/2010 A      E          L                  T                                      
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.
Conical Winds and Axial Jets from the Disk-Magnetosphere Boundary

71  2010MNRAS.403.1193B
1.000 04/2010 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Bachetti, Matteo; Romanova, Marina M.; Kulkarni, Akshay; Burderi, Luciano; di Salvo, Tiziana
QPO emission from moving hot spots on the surface of neutron stars: a model

72  2010MNRAS.402.2575L
1.000 03/2010 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.; Newman, W. I.
Kelvin-Helmholtz instability of the magnetopause of disc-accreting stars

73  2010tsra.confE.232T
1.000 00/2010             F                          T                                      
  Toropina, O.; Romanova, M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
MHD simulations of accretion onto magnetized neutron star in the "propeller" regime

74  2010atp..prop...24R
1.000 00/2010 A                                                                              
  Romanova, Marina
3D MHD Sumulations of QPOs in LMXBs and Cataclysmic Variables

75  2009MNRAS.399.1802R
1.000 11/2009 A      E          L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Launching of conical winds and axial jets from the disc-magnetosphere boundary: axisymmetric and 3D simulations

76  2009MNRAS.398.1105R
1.000 09/2009 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Kulkarni, A. K.
Discovery of drifting high-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations in global simulations of magnetic boundary layers

77  2009MNRAS.398..701K
1.000 09/2009 A      E          L  X                      R  C                      U      
  Kulkarni, A. K.; Romanova, M. M.
Possible quasi-periodic oscillations from unstable accretion: 3D magnetohydrodynamic simulations

78  2009ApJ...701..225L
1.000 08/2009 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S              U      
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Turner, L.; Romanova, M. M.
Stability of the Magnetopause of Disk-accreting Rotating Stars

79  2009APS..APR.Q5003R
1.000 05/2009 A      E                                                                  U      
  Romanova, Marina
MHD Simulations of Disk-Star Interaction

80  2009ASPC..406..112R
1.000 04/2009 A      E  F  G  X              T      R  C                      U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Koldoba, A. V.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Kulkarni, A. K.; Long, M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
3D MHD Simulations of Disk Accretion onto Magnetized Stars: Numerical Approach and Sample Simulations

81  2009arXiv0901.4753L
1.000 01/2009 A                      X                      R  C                      U      
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
Launching of Poynting Jets from Accretion Disks

82  2009arXiv0901.4329R
1.000 01/2009 A                      X                      R  C                      U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.
Launching of Jets by Propeller Mechanism

83  2009arXiv0901.4265R
1.000 01/2009 A                      X                      R  C                      U      
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Three-dimensional Simulations of Accretion to Stars with Complex Magnetic Fields

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Planet migration and disc destruction due to magneto-centrifugal stellar winds

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3D simulations of rotationally-induced line variability from a classical T Tauri star with a misaligned magnetic dipole

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On the origin of continuum and line emission in CTTSs

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Launching of Jets by Propeller Mechanism

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Accretion to stars with non-dipole magnetic fields

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``Propeller'' Regime of Disk Accretion to Rapidly Rotating Stars

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Accretion to a Magnetized Neutron Star in the "Propeller" Regime

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2D and 3D MHD simulations of disk accretion by rotating magnetized stars: Search for variability

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Locking of the Rotation of Disk-Accreting Magnetized Stars

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Variability Profiles of Millisecond X-Ray Pulsars: Results of Pseudo-Newtonian Three-dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations

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Relativistic Jets from Accretion Disks

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Screening of the Magnetic Field of Disk Accreting Stars

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Accretion and Outflows from the Vicinity of Magnetized Stars

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1.000 05/2005                                 M                                              
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Analysis of Magnetic Field Measurements for T Tau

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1.000 00/2005             F                                  R                              
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Locking of the Rotation of Disk Accreting Magnetized Stars

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3D Simulations of Magnetospheric Flow in Classical T Tauri Stars

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1.000 00/2005             F                                  R                              
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Propeller-driven Outflows from Young T Tauri Stars and Fast Spin-Down

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Relativistic Jets from Accretion Disks

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1.000 08/2004 A                                                                              
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Hot Spots and Variability of Neutron Stars: Results of 3D Simulations

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1.000 08/2004 A                                                                              
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Accretion to a Rotating Star with Misaligned Dipole Magnetic Field: Results of 2D and 3D Simulations

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Three-dimensional Simulations of Disk Accretion to an Inclined Dipole. II. Hot Spots and Variability

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1.000 06/2004 A      E          L              D          R  C      S                  
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Kinematics and Parameters of the Gas in the Vicinity of TW Hya

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1.000 04/2004 A      E          L                  T                                      
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Three-dimensional Simulations of Disk Accretion to an Inclined Dipole. I. Magnetospheric Flows at Different Θ

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Magnetic Inhibition of Accretion and Observability of Isolated Old Neutron Stars

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Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Accretion onto a Star in the ``Propeller'' Regime

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Lepton Acceleration by Relativistic Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection

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Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Disk-Magnetized Star Interactions in the Quiescent Regime: Funnel Flows and Angular Momentum Transport

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Poynting Jets from Accretion Disks

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Origin of Blazar Activity

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Dynamics of Magnetic Loops in the Coronae of Accretion Disks

163  1998NYASA.858..101L
1.000 00/1998 A                  L                                                          
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
Magnetohydrodynamic origin of jets from accretion disks.

164  1998NYASA.848..101L
1.000 00/1998         E          L                  T      R                              
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
Magnetohydrodynamic Origin of Jets from Accretion Disks

165  1997ApJ...484..628L
1.000 07/1997 A      E  F      L                          R  C                          
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Newman, W. I.; Romanova, M. M.
Jet Outbursts from Fast Accretion in a Disk with Zebra-Stripe Magnetic Field

166  1997ApJ...482..708R
1.000 06/1997 A      E  F      L                          R  C                      U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.; Chechetkin, V. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Formation of Stationary Magnetohydrodynamic Outflows from a Disk by Time-dependent Simulations

167  1997ApJ...475...97R
1.000 01/1997 A      E  F      L  X                      R  C      S  N          U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Gamma-Ray Flares and VLBI Outbursts of Blazars

168  1997ASPC..121..490R
1.000 00/1997             F  G                  T      R  C                          
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.; Ustyugova, C. V.; Koldoba, A. V.; Chechetkin, V. M.
Time-Dependent MHD Simulations of Jets from Accretion Discs: Stationary Solutions

169  1996A&AS..120C.583R
1.000 12/1996 A          F  G                          R  C                          
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Non-stationary Poynting flux jet model of gamma-ray variability of blazars.

170  1996magr.meet.1296R
1.000 00/1996                                         T                                      
  Romanova, Marina; Lovelace, Richard
Processes of Matter Flow Nearby the Massive Compact Object

171  1996IAUS..175..419R
1.000 00/1996             F  G                  T                                      
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
High-Energy Gamma and Radio Variability of Blazars in the Model of Non-Stationary Jet

172  1996cyga.book...98L
1.000 00/1996             F  G                  T          C                          
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
Impulsive VLBI jet formation and high-energy gamma-ray emission in AGN

173  1996cosm.conf..351R
1.000 00/1996                                                                                 
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Non-stationary model of jet formation and high-energy

174  1996ASPC..100...25L
1.000 00/1996 A          F  G                  T      R  C                          
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
MHD Formation of Jets from Accretion Disks

175  1995Ap&SS.232..241K
1.000 10/1995 A          F  G                          R  C                      U      
  Koldoba, A. V.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Romanova, M. M.; Chechetkin, V. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Simulations of Jet Formation from a Magnetized Accretion Disk

176  1995MNRAS.275..244L
1.000 07/1995 A      E  F  G  X                      R  C      S              U  H  
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.; Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G. S.
Spin-up/spin-down of magnetized stars with accretion discs and outflows

177  1995ApJ...439L..39U
1.000 02/1995 A          F  G                          R  C                      U      
  Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.; Romanova, M. M.; Chechetkin, V. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Magnetohydrodynamic simulations of outflows from accretion disks

178  1995NYASA.773..277L
1.000 01/1995 A      E          L                  T      R                              
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
Nonlinear Waves in Magnetized Accretion Disks

179  1995NYASA.759..554R
1.000 00/1995         E          L                  T      R                              
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Non-stationary Accretion with Ordered Magnetic Fields and Outflows in AGNs and Quasars.

180  1995foap.conf..287R
1.000 00/1995             F  G                      T                                  U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. V.; Chechetkin, V. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Simulations of MHD outflows from accretion disks

181  1995foap.conf..277R
1.000 00/1995             F  G                      T                                      
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.; Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G. S.
Spin-up/spin-down of X-ray pulsars with accretion disks and outflows

182  1994ApJ...437..136L
1.000 12/1994 A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.; Newman, W. I.
Implosive accretion and outbursts of active galactic nuclei

183  1994IAUS..159..490R
1.000 00/1994             F  G                  T                                      
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Simultaneous Implosive Accretion and Jet Formation in Quasars: Correlation of Optical Outbursts with VLBI Jets

184  1993ApJ...403..158L
1.000 01/1993 A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.; Contopoulos, J.
Theory of jets from young stars

185  1992A&A...262...26R
1.000 08/1992 A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Magnetic field, reconnection, and particle acceleration in extragalactic jets

186  1992PhFlB...4..841L
1.000 04/1992 A      E          L                          R                              
  Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.
A model for nonlinear collisionless reconnection

187  1992ersf.meet..241R
1.000 00/1992 A                                      T          C                          
  Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Magnetic fields and reconnection in extragalactic jets.

188  1991foap.conf..183R
1.000 00/1991 A          F  G                      T                                      
  Romanova, M. M.; Giovannelli, F.; Polcaro, V. F.
A maximum luminosity method in X-ray luminosity function determination and X-ray background.

189  1990ESASP.311..269R
1.000 08/1990 A                  L                  T                                      
  Romanova, M.
Compact object masses in active galactic nuclei and quasars and duration of activity stage

190  1990SoSAO..64...33I
1.000 00/1990                                                                                 
  Illarionov, A. F.; Romanova, M. M.
The formation of a massive black hole in galactic nuclei.

191  1988SvA....32..356I
1.000 08/1988             F  G                              C                  O      
  Illarionov, A. F.; Romanova, M. M.
A Dense Stellar Cluster as a Possible Gas Source in the Active Nuclei of Galaxies and Quasars

192  1988AZh....65..682I
1.000 08/1988 A                  L                          R  C      S  N      O      
  Illarionov, A. F.; Romanova, M. M.
The dense stellar cluster - A possible source of gas in active galactic nuclei and quasars

193  1988SvA....32..274I
1.000 06/1988             F  G                              C                  O      
  Illarionov, A. F.; Romanova, M. M.
Formation of a Massive Black-Hole at the Center of a Dense Stellar Cluster

194  1988AZh....65..535I
1.000 06/1988 A                  L                          R  C                  O      
  Illarionov, A. F.; Romanova, M. M.
The formation of a massive black hole in the center of a dense star cluster

195  1988SvA....32..148I
1.000 04/1988             F  G                              C                  O      
  Illarionov, A. F.; Romanova, M. M.
Formation of the Gaseous and Stellar Disk in a Dense Stellar Cluster

196  1988AZh....65..290I
1.000 04/1988 A                  L                          R  C      S  N      O      
  Illariov, A. F.; Romanova, M. M.
The formation of a gaseous and stellar disk structure in a dense stellar cluster

197  1986SoSAO..50...80R
1.000 00/1986 A                                                                              
  Romanova, M. M.
A Comparison of the Stellar Cluster Model with the Empirical Model of Active Galactic Nuclei

198  1985SvA....29..285R
1.000 06/1985             F  G                                                  O      
  Romanova, M. M.
The Evolution of Rotating Star Clusters at the Inelastic-Collision Stage - Part Two - Dynamics of a Disk of Gas and Stars

199  1985AZh....62..491R
1.000 06/1985 A                  L                          R  C                  O      
  Romanova, M. M.
The evolution of rotating star clusters at the inelastic-collision stage. II - Dynamics of a disk of gas and stars

200  1984SvA....28..147R
1.000 04/1984             F  G                                                  O  U      
  Romanova, M. M.
The Evolution of Rotating Star Clusters at the Inelastic-Collision Stage - Part One - Contraction of the Stellar Component

201  1984AZh....61..252R
1.000 04/1984 A                  L                          R  C                  O      
  Romanova, M. M.
The evolution of rotating star clusters at the inelastic-collision stage. I - Contraction of the stellar component

202  1983SvA....27..519B
1.000 10/1983             F  G                              C                  O      
  Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G. S.; Romanova, M. M.
X-Ray Bursters - Their Origin and Evolution

203  1983AZh....60..900B
1.000 10/1983 A                  L                          R  C      S          O      
  Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G. S.; Romanova, M. M.
X-ray bursters: their origin and evolution

204  1983STIN...8330333B
1.000 00/1983 A                                                                              
  Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G. S.; Romanova, M. M.
Globular clusters and X-ray bursters

205  1982ZhETF..83..449B
1.000 08/1982                     L                              C                          
  Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G. S.; Romanova, M. M.
Diffusion and heat transfer of neutrons in the envelopes of neutron stars

206  1982PAZh....8..263B
1.000 06/1982 A                  L                                                  O      
  Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G. S.; Romanova, M. M.
A possible mechanism for the recurrent activity in galaxy nuclei

207  1982SvAL....8..141B
1.000 04/1982             F  G                              R                      O  U      
  Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G. S.; Romanova, M. M.
A Possible Mechanism for the Recurrent Activity in Galaxy Nuclei



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