How Did I Fix That?

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No sound on my Mac

05 October 2018

Switching the output sound device repeatedly (e.g., going back and forth between external speakers and headphones several times) sometimes kills sound output on my laptop (currently on OS X 10.13 High Sierra). To fix, restart the Core Audio services:

sudo killall coreaudiod
Annoying, but workable.

Tags: MacOS, bug-workaround

Why won't my Mac go to sleep?

29 August 2018

On Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), power management status is reported by:

pmset -g
pmset -g assertions
Items with non-zero assertions (like "UserIsActive") are preventing sleep.

Tags: MacOS

How is this blog generated?

29 August 2018

This web log is generated by a modified version of BashBlog, a simple Bash script blogging engine. My version, with customized CSS and global variables, is available here.

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