Pulsar Astrometry HOWTO

Version 1.0, Last Modified 2002/10/21

Shami Chatterjee & Walter Brisken

A quick overview of the data reduction and astrometry procedure.
Steps along the way, and things to watch out for:

  1. The autoaips howto help file provides a detailed recipe to follow during data reduction. The most updated version of autoaips is available at here. The file autoaips.c has a list of changes between autoaips versions.

  2. All key and log files are available online:
    Epoch 1 -- Epoch 2 -- Epoch 3 -- etc.

  3. It is vital to write out flags so that they can be reapplied later. Save these flags in the PSR.x.N file, as in the example below:
    flag1 = bif=2;eif=2;bchan=12;echan=14;ante=10
    flag2 = ante=5;basel=6
    flag3 = bchan=1;echan=1
    Note: NO SPACES! Everything right of the first '=' is directly interpreted by the AIPS task 'UVFLG'. Also, inputs are not cumulative - each flag is independent of previous flags.

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Shami Chatterjee
shami at astro.cornell.edu
Last Modified: 21 Oct 2002
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