Pulsar Astrometry Project: Epoch 8

Setup File: v18cm-256-8-2-psrvlb.set (version 2).

Pulsar Epoch 8 Timing Data Notes
Key Log
B2154+40 bc120er.key bc120er.log 2154+40.par
J0751+1807 bc120eb.key bc120eb.log 0751+1807.par
B2319+60 bc120ed.key bc120ed.log 2319+60.par
B2310+42 bc120ez.key bc120ez.log 2310+42.par
B0540+23 bc120et.key bc120et.log 0540+23.par
B0450-18 bc120gm.key bc120gm.log 0450-18.par
B2111+46 bc120en.key bc120en.log 2111+46.par
B1944+17 bc120ef.key bc120ef.log 1944+17.par
B1508+55 bc120dw.key bc120dw.log 1508+55.par
B1933+16 bc120ec.key bc120ec.log 1933+16.par
B0818-13 bc120fh.key bc120fh.log 0818-13.par
B1831-04 bc120dx.key bc120dx.log 1831-04.par
B0525+21 bc120es.key bc120es.log 0525+21.par
J1835-1106 bc120dy.key bc120dy.log 1835-1106.par
B2053+36 bc120el.key bc120el.log 2053+36.par
B0031-07 bc120ho.key bc120ho.log 0031-07.par
B0136+57 bc120ei.key bc120ei.log 0136+57.par
B0609+37 bc120ev.key bc120ev.log 0609+37.par
J1713+0747 bc120ep.key bc120ep.log 1713+0747.par
B1112+50 bc120ek.key bc120ek.log 1112+50.par
B1541+09 bc120ej.key bc120ej.log 1541+09.par
B1937+21 bc120ee.key bc120ee.log 1937+21.par
B0450+55 bc120eq.key bc120eq.log 0450+55.par
B1839+09 bc120ea.key bc120ea.log 1839+09.par
B2045-16 bc120eg.key bc120eg.log 2045-16.par
B1804-08 bc120eu.key bc120eu.log 1804-08.par

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