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Hi! If you are really curious about me, why don't you ask me about myself directly? I can be reached Alternatively, you can establish snail-mail and telephonic links with me at:

Tom Loredo
Space Sciences Building
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-6801
(607) 255-6564
For the timid among you, there's some basic information below. Or you can snoop around some of my web sites:

What I Get Paid For

I'm a Senior Research Associate in the Astronomy Department at Cornell University, and Field Member and Lecturer in the Department of Statistical Sciences. When I'm actually doing research and teaching, I'm getting paid to do work so rewarding that it's more like serious play than work (alas, for an increasing fraction of my time I'm more or less a manager/bureaucrat). My research is in astrophysical data analysis using Bayesian inference, and in theoretical high energy astrophysics. For more about this, see my CU staff page.

From time to time I'm also an instructor at Cornell. Most recently, I created a new course for the statistics department, Bayesian Data Analysis: Principles and Practice; it included a serious lab component covering Bayesian computing in Python, and training students in Python, Git, and GitHub. I've also taught intermediate (junior level) classical mechanics and electromagnetism in the Physics department and helped run the computer instrumentation lab in the Applied and Engineering Physics department. In the EM course I exercised (exorcised?) a long-term interest in Clifford Algebras by using David Hestenes's geometric algebra (aka spacetime algebra) to teach parts of the course. Cool stuff!

Finally, I intermittently run a small business, Muse, concerned with various things that bring music and technology together, ranging from web resources and computer music engraving to audio electronics and signal processing. A paper I presented at the 111th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society on Bayesian Harmonic Analysis for Audio Testing and Measurement provides an example of how methodology I've developed for astronomical problems can be applied in an audio/music-related setting. Contact me if you'd like a reprint.

What I Do With The Money

Some of the things that occupy the rest of my life include: I hope that justifies my existence to you! Now get back to work!

Tom and friends on the Sea Serpent

On the Sea Serpent at the Boardwalk in Wildwood Crest, NJ.
Tom (top right) and sisters Betsy and Susan (bottom row).
Am I smiling because they're screaming?!
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