Favorite EGG Links

This space will provide lists of links to external sites used by the EGG group. It will used by group members as well as those just passing through.

Astronomical Archive Servers:

ADS - Astronomy Abstract Service
LANL - Los Alamos Preprint Server
MAST - Hubble Data Archive
NED - NASA Extragalactic Database
SkyView - A Virtual Observatory
Astronomy Picture of the Day


AIPS++ - Astronomical Information Processing System
IRAF - Image Reduction and Analysis Facility

Observing Facilities:

The Arecibo Observatory
ALMA - Atacama Large Millimeter Array
EVN - The European VLBI Network
GBT - The Green Bank Telescope
GMRT - Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope
STSCI - Hubble Space Telescope
NOAO - National Optical Astronomy Observatories
NRAO - National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Palomar Observatory
VLA - Very Large Array
VLBA - Very Long Baseline Array