Ongoing And Recent Work

We are working on many different projects, ranging from detailed studies of nearby galaxies to reconstruction of the density field in the local universe. Here we present the details of some of these projects:

The hunt for low mass gas-rich galaxies Studies of the peculiar velocity field
  • The ALFALFA survey!
  • Laying the groupwork for ALFALFA
  • The 2003 Arecibo survey ALFALFA sprouts
  • Our HI digital archive
  • Disks and the Tully-Fisher relation
  • The local peculiar velocity field
  • The kinematic rest frame of clusters
  • Studies of Abell 2634
  • The SFI survey  (Spiral Field Iband)
  • The SCI survey  (Spiral Cluster Iband)
  • The SC2 survey  (2nd Cluster survey)
  • The SFI++ survey  (Putting it all together)
  • The TF relation at higher redshifts  (in progress!)

  • Structure and evolution of galaxy disks Star formation and merging histories of galaxies
  • Optically-challenged galaxies
  • Asymmetric galaxies
  • Abundance gradients in spirals
  • Kinematic evidence for minor mergers in Sa galaxies
  • Molecular gas in and around interacting galaxies
  • Host dust in interacting galaxies and AGN
  • Compact HII regions in the Magellanic Clouds
  • Starburst galaxies
  • The Arecibo OH megamaser survey

  • We are also actively involved in the Cornell Atacama Telescope project.