Listed here are a selection of research topics, each of which has a list of relevant publications. A comprehensive list of NSF-funded publications is also provided.

The local peculiar velocity field A kinematic rest frame and the distances to clusters
  • The spiral field I-band (SFI) survey
  • The spiral cluster I-band (SCI) survey
  • The second cluster I-band (SC2) survey
  • Determination of a template Tully-Fisher relation
  • Determination of the dipoles of the velocity field
  • Determination of the cosmological parameters
  • Test of the Lauer-Postman bulk flow
  • The determination of the Hubble constant for the nearby calibrators via the Tully-Fisher relation
  • Constraints on the density parameter from cluster peculiar velocities
  • Detemination of a kinematic reference frame
  • Studies of Abell 2634
  • Using the Fundamental Plane to derive the distances to nearby clusters

  • A list of useful EGG TF references

  • Hydrogen-rich star-poor galaxies
    Kinematics and dynamics of isolated Sa galaxies
  • The Virgo HI Cloud
  • A new HI synthesis map of the IZw 18 system
  • The nature of HI-rich low surface brightness dwarf galaxies
  • Kinematic evidence for minor mergers in normal Sa galaxies
  • The counter-rotating stellar disk in NGC 4138
  • The origin of kinematically decoupled components
  • Structure and evolution of galaxy disks
    Starburst events in galaxies
  • The frequency of asymmetry in global HI profiles
  • The origin of lopsidedness in spiral disks
  • Abundance gradients in spiral galaxy HII regions
  • IR properties of a radio luminous starburst sample.
  • Compact HII regions in the Magellanic Clouds

  • Interacting Galaxies
    The Cornell Atacama Telescope
  • Molecular gas in and around interacting galaxies
  • Hot dust in interacting galaxies and active galactic nuclei
  • The Arecibo OH Megamaser Survey
  • Site survey work